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Article citing Montgomery County, MD introducing a ban (Public hearing Sept., 20, 2022.

We have been quoted in Annandale Today and in the Sun Gazette

Memo to the Board of Supervisors about plans to phase out the use of gas-powered leaf blowers on county land. Read the entire memo

Quiet Clean NOVA seeks to ban gas-powered leaf blowers primarily for these reasons:

1) Their loud, penetrating noise disturbs the peace of communities.

2) They poison the air with toxic emissions.

3) Low-wage workers using the machines are at risk of hearing loss and other health effects, creating environmental justice concerns.

4) They contribute to climate change.

5) They destroy the habitat of butterflies, beetles, bees, moths and other creatures that make their homes and lay their eggs in leaves.

Yet many landscape companies continue to use gas-powered leaf blowers with crude and inefficient two-stroke engines while the rest of the world is increasingly moving away from this obsolete technology. Landscapers say they prefer the these gas-powered blowers because they are cheap, powerful and easy to use. But there are alternatives, including battery blowers as well as rakes and brooms. Some landscape companies have chosen these alternatives and shown that you can stay in business and make a profit without gas-powered blowers.

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